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Ellen Webb

Psychology Student

Ellen Webb enrolled at IU Indianapolis as a pre-nursing major because she knew completing that degree could mean a long and stable career. It was never necessarily a career she was excited about or even felt was a good fit for her, but she figured it was her only option. Her background had led her to believe that she just needed a degree in something “practical,” not necessarily a degree in something of interest. While a nursing career is a great option for those who truly want to be a nurse, it wasn’t what Ellen wanted, and therefore, her grades suffered.

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Kevin Kimemia

Accelerated Nursing Student

Kevin Kimemia wakes up with excitement, knowing that he'll learn something that he's interested in, and he'll use it every day in his nursing career. He feels driven to learn more and understand all that he's doing now because his future patients will depend on him. Kevin is happy because he’s doing what he wants to do and “feel[s] like he has a true purpose now.” But, it wasn’t always so easy for Kevin to get to this point, and he took a nontraditional path to nursing school.

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Mackenzie Koch

Cytotechnology Student

Just like many others, Mackenzie’s path to IU Indianapolis and to finding her major was a rocky one. After starting her college career at Indiana University East, taking classes at Ivy Tech, and transferring to Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, she finally found her way to IU Indianapolis in the fall of 2015. Mackenzie says she was all over the place,” switching from nursing to biology to dental hygiene to EMT, thinking she had no clue what she wanted to do in life.

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