Lenell Campbell

With a love for math and science and an interest in carpentry, Lenell Campbell chose to major in construction engineering management technology when he first came to college. He thought he was set in his decision, but during his third semester, his feelings about the program began to change.

A minor in health education and a summer workout regimen reminded Lenell of his interest in the human body. He reflected on how he used to play with body blocks and tell people he wanted to become a doctor when he was younger. He began to wonder if the health care field was where he belonged.

Lenell admitted his downfall in the major was a lack of passion, which for him stemmed from inexperience in the field. In spite of enjoying what he was learning, he felt out of place because so many of his classmates had worked with a carpenter to some extent. 

At this point, Lenell was a junior and thought he was too far into his program to switch. Pressure from his family to go into a career that pays well after graduation left him hesitant. In the end, he scheduled an appointment with a health and life sciences advisor to talk over his career path. Afterward, he made the decision to change his major to exercise science. He reasoned, “If you don’t like something, you won’t be passionate or happy to go work in that field.”

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If you don’t like something, you won’t be passionate or happy to go work in that field. . . . Use your resources, make sure it's something you really want to do and research it.

Lenell Campbell

Currently, he’s considering the possibility of applying to occupational therapy and physical therapy programs after graduation and felt like exercise science would be a good stepping stone.

Lenell's story is unique in that he spent over three years in a major and then discovered that the career path no longer interested him. He doesn’t regret it in the least. He said, “As soon as I changed my major, my whole college experience got so much better.”

Of course, Lenell acknowledged that this isn’t the path for everyone and just because you question your career doesn’t mean changing your major is always the best option. To this he said, “Use your resources, make sure it’s something you really want to do and research it.” 

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